Friday, February 5, 2010

Not such a bad week after all...

for being in training most of the week, I didn't do too bad eating and exercise. I was able to get my miles in 3 of the 5 work days and I didn't do too bad food wise. My worst choices were made at breakfast time (chocolate hostess donuts) so I need to figure a plan out. I had been having a fiber plus bar (really yummy) but was told I "didn't need them because of hte sugar." I asked my husband what he thought and he laughed and said "yeah, you don't really need them but it has nothing to do with the sugar." I'm pretty clueless when it comes to what specifically to eat for what and I had no idea that eating fiber helps with certain bodily functions. Certian bodily functions I have NO problems with. Anyhow...I'm back to trying to figure out something that I can eat as I'm walking out the door/driving to the office. About a half hour after I get to the office I normally have my yogart (Dannon fit) (830/9am)... I've had a banana occasionally on the way to work but lately I've been having it about 30 mins (to an hour) before my work out at 11. Other previous options included Slim fast optima and special k bars (which weren't real filling). any suggestions???


  1. I generally have smoothies in the morning. Some berries, whey protein, unsweetened almond milk, ice, blend and go. Or you could search online for healthy breakfast cookie recipes and make some ahead? I've heard these are good:

  2. THanks for the input; I'll check the cookie recipe out. Mornings are so hard as it is (I'm not normally a morning person) and they (they who?? experts??) say that we need to have food in our system w/in 30 mins after wakeup for optimal performance. And to try and figure out what to eat on the go that's healthy isn't easy.

  3. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I want to support your journey via the blog world. I feel like we are kindred spirits... I recently lost over 40 pounds... and I am still going. And best of all, I have a pug named Dolce, the Wonder Dog!

    For Breakfast, I eat a Luna bar... convenient and healthy!