Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top 20 things I’ve learned (or that has sunk in) since my last birthday

1)      Life is short AND precious. Make each moment count
2)      You REALLY are the company you keep (thanks dad)
3)      I’m ok not being perfect 
4)      I can only do what I can do (not what someone else can do or has done or wants me to do)
5)      This life really isn’t about me (it’s about what I can do for others to make OUR existance a lil less painful)
6)      I have choices regardless of how much I like or dislike those choices 
7)      That I don’t have to answer a text/email/phone call RIGHT THIS MINUTE
8)      That sometimes “it” just doesn’t matter
9)      That I don’t care that it’s “not your monkey, not your circus” 
10)   That the heart still hurts when someone dies no matter how many loved ones have passed previously or that death is inevitable 
11)   That while I LOVE to make lists, I don’t always like to check things off those lists
12)   That the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” (and it ain’t all bad!)
13)   That sometimes all I got is FAITH and that sometimes I need to have faith for others as well
14)   That prayer really does work (so be careful what you pray for!)
15)   That I’ve forgotten how to dream 
16)   That tomorrow doesn’t have to be scary
17)   That forgiving isn’t always easy but it is necessary (more for you the forgiver than the one you are to forgive)
18)   Just because I’ve “screwed up” previously doesn’t make me a bad or stupid person. Just means I’m human
19)   That when I’m “feeling crazy”…it might NOT be me! Might actually be someone else that’s crazy trying to make me feel crazy
20)   That I’m allowed to have the feelings I have about things (I think it’s called “being an individual”) and I don’t owe anyone an apology because of it

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  1. absolutely! 100% and add you're BEAUTIFUL inside AND out to the list!