Friday, October 18, 2013

Goals for the next (Nov 1 2013 to Oct 31 2014)

Start of my goals for the coming year.....

1-exercise AND track the exercise more consistently

2-Run more miles--according to my dailymile thing I've done 785 in the last 4 years; 75 in the last year--must aim higher LOL.  start low aim big. 3 times a week I will be out running; as the miles increase, when I reach 4 miles, I will only run long miles ONE time that week. the other two days will be 3 or 4 miles run.

1st week run 1/2 mile
3rd week run 1 mile
5th week run 1.5 miles
7th week run 2 miles
9th week run 2.5 miles
11th week run 3 miles
13th week run 3.5 miles
15th week run 4 miles
17th week run 4.5 miles
19th week run 5 miles
21st week run 5.5 miles
23rd week run 6 miles
25th week run 6.5 miles
27th week run 7 miles
29th week run 7.5 miles
31st week run 8 miles
33rd week run 8.5 miles
35th week run 9 miles
37th week run 9.5 miles
39th week run 10 miles
41st week run 10.5 miles
43rd week run 11 miles
45th week run 11.5 miles
47th week run 12 miles
49th week run 12.5 miles
51st week run 13 miles
52nd week run 13.5

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  1. Howdy. Have not heard from you In a while. How are you doing? Let's get back to our regular check ins. I'm back to my running plan. Training for a 5k that is scheduled in December. How are you doing with you training!!!