Thursday, October 10, 2013

knocking me down but not out....

Not really sure what to write except that at least writing isn't costing me money!! What a last few weeks many of us have had. Realizations setting in that some things just aren't in my future. Like participating in the Philly Half Marathon and spending a wonderful few days in the city in which my family grew up in. As all of you know, the government has "shut down" and are with-holding funds from many folks, including myself. While I am not "furloughed" I am working for no pay; as are many who work for them. Programs are shut down and money is running out for many. I really have no idea how or what to think and what thoughts do come into mind aren't pleasant. Since there is no money coming in and we are needing to dip into savings I've canceled my trip to Philly. Part of me is heart broken while the other part of me senses it's for the best. Due to family health issues I've spent most of the summer driving back and forth from my folks house. While I can't do much to ease my fathers pain and my mothers dispare; I CAN and WILL be there. These trips cost more than just money, it's cost training plans/time needed to prepare. While I know I can complete 13.1 miles, I wasn't going to complete it as I hoped-running. I know there is a bigger better plan and I'll patiently await said plans. And boy does it get dark early! boooooo, I like my sun light! sorry...ding...subject change! Anyhow...what's a girl to do while waiting for the bigger better plan to show? Make her own plans! Ha ha I haven't decided on a plan but I'll get to it. I did pack 285 packs with my "Think of Me" AdvoCare postcards! I'd show you a picture but my ipad does not like blogger. I've also started plotting local races I'd like to do with my running buddy (gingerbread run here we come!) and expanding my reading list. ok so..not such a fun blog post BUT I wanted to write something. I miss writing! have a great rest of the week!


  1. This govt shutdown business is getting ridiculous. I imagine if Congress and the President were going without pay it would be over!! I'm sorry you have to miss your race/trip, but I also know the peace of making a decision you know is right for you. That's how it was for me when I opted not to go visit my brother, SIL, and their baby this summer. I was bummed, but I could FEEL it was the right choice.

  2. sometimes life happens and I hope these republicans and Obama get the karma they have earned through this debacle. I have a sister who cant get disability because they aren't looking at new cases and a coworked whose supposed to be closed on house is in limbo with no where to go as her landlord rented their apartment already. you will figure it out and make a killer plan I have no doubt!

  3. Sorry you're having to miss Philly. The government shutdown has stressed me out and we aren't even directly affected by it.