Wednesday, July 17, 2013

laziness has struck again...

November is creeping up quickly. I am supposed to be training for a half marathon but I lack that special something something to get me moving in the right direction.  I would love to say that "fear of commitment" is holding me back but that would be a flat out lie (besides-I've already signed up for the race, booked a hotel, AND actively been looking for flights).  when it comes to training, I'm lazy pure and simple. I wish I had a cure for this laziness but alais I'm empty handed. tricks of the trade to cure the laziness is welcome. 

speaking of lazy...look whose laying down on guard duty!!

Dad has had 3 chemo treatments...his 4th is scheduled for Monday the 22nd.  He seems to be one of the lucky few (knock on wood) and is having minor side effects thus far with the treatments.  He seems to be in a good place NOW mentally/emotionally and I'm thankful for that. of course, I am not seeing him on a daily basis so they may be hiding something from me.

In preparation of the anticipated furlough days starting Oct 1st for govt employees in my organization I recently asked myself "how can I earn money now (and continuously)  so that when I lose pay then I can still pay my bills?" I need(ed) something flexible and something I believe in. I was not having luck finding an online teaching job (I have no teaching experience) so I've opted to be an Independent Distributor for AdvoCare health and wellness products (energy enhancement, mental clarity, weight management  etc). The "start up" fee was reasonable, I LOVE the products, AND because I'm selling them I can get a discount for my products! yeah me! SO...if you have heard of AdvoCare but thought it too pricey to try; let me know and I will send you a sample of a product so you can try before you buy. Current samples on hand are...

if you would like to see more products and their descriptions follow this link or copy paste...(sorry shameless plug I know).... (link is also at the side and the tabs above has some 
personal input on products I have used...


  1. I love, love, love Advocare. My husband and I started mid-May and the results have been amazing! The weight loss has been great, of course, but my energy level and just how I feel is what will keep me using these products even after my weight loss goals are met. I love the company and all it stands for!

    1. Wonderful! So good to see that someone knows about AdvoCare and has also had success with them. I've been consuming a variety of their products for about 3 fave is the V16 energy drink. Since I love their products and love the company I didn't have any hesitation signing up as a distributor.

  2. My friend Lindsay loves their products too and is a big believer in them.

    I hear you on the lazy! I'm almost looking forward to having to go back to work bc I'll be on a schedule and do better about getting runs in. And not eat so much!

    Glad your dad is tolerating chemo well and seems to be in good spirits!

    1. I need to get on and stick to a schedule. I don't know why I fight them so much especially since schedules WORK! grrrrrrrrrrrr

      ha ha enjoy your summer while you will be in session sooner than you'd like!