Sunday, April 7, 2013

Change o plans...

Ok...instead of the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon September in Philly I am going to do the "regular" Philly Half Marathon in November. Super Stoked...already signed up and made hotel arrangements....haven't told the hubs yet.  I attempted to "broach" the subject prior to signing up but I got a dirty look so I stopped talking. Not a very grown up way to "handle things" but you do it your way I'll do it mine! :O)

I had intended to start training this last week but was hit but a stomach/intestinal bug. I managed the treadmill for all of 15 mins before tossing in the towel.  I slept a LOT this week...almost like hitting the much needed reset button. I'm fine now thanks.

So, I was also supposed to drink more water, eat more veggies and fruits...which all went well until Wednesday when the bug hit. Now I have to "reset" that button. It'll be fine because I have faith that I can pick up where I left off (I'm trying reverse psychology). Healthier choices are becoming easier to make and that's a start. Remember, baby steps to making healthy, long lasting changes.  Healthy living is a choice; a choice that needs to become habit. 

I planted four rose bushes today and have so much more to do outside getting ready for summer. I'm really looking forward to the minor changes (the hubs is on board SHOCKER) around the house. Most of the changes are going to help with the lawn work which will make his life a lil easier. The minor changes will also block out our nosy back common area neighbors.  I love sitting outside with the pups but HATE feeling like everyone can see what I'm doing in my back yard (and I truly hate putting on "presentable" clothing just to sit outside in my own yard).

I have 3.1 miles on the books for tomorrow; a lot of standing wandering around Monday (opening day festivities-dear Lord please help me remember to bring my wallet!!) so Tuesday/Thursday I will do 3.1 miles and next Saturday 5 miles.

96oz of water, 2 pieces of fruit, 2 helping of veggies, and 1 sweet snack each day.

Also on the book for races is a 5k on the 27th of April (not signed up for so it may not be a go) and a 5k in KC (DEA-KC) on June 22nd that I am already signed/paid for.  Since I will be traveling to Philly I need (would like to) keep the race fees down. But I don't know. Sometimes it's easier (??) to be motivated to improve when signed up for races....but I had having to cough up 25 to 35 for a 5k.  granted I do know of some 5ks for 20 bucks but I'd sure like 10 bucks better.  Of course if I could win some dietbets maybe that could cover the cost of some 5ks. Or is I could sell more crap on ebay that could cover some races fees.

Do you like paying for 5ks? Is that the only way you're motivated to move is to be in race form?


  1. i dont mind the 25 i'm paying next week for the habitat for humanity dash because it's goin to a worthy cause (my 1st 5 k too!) but the run or dye sounds fun but it's 45 and the money goes to the promoters so i'm iffy on that one. i guess as long as it's charity i have no qualms at all but otherwise i'm hesitant

  2. I don't like to pay much for a 5K unless it's for a great cause. I'd rather save my race fees for longer races.