Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tori’s Tuesday Tidbits

  • Turning 41 has not been as exciting as turning 40. Granted 41 is much better than the early 20’s but I’m just sayin.

  • It was a pretty productive weekend at my household. I got half of my to-do list (20 items) done…none of which included reading.

  • I love my Moving Comfort Maia high impact sports bra. I love it so much that I bought two more and wear them on a daily basis (they make me feel sexy!! Odd? Yes but the bra keep things “high and tight” and gives a look of small and perky chest!).

  • I haven’t gotten to sleep in (past 6am) or take a nap since July 31st…as they say on twitter #notcool

  • I have a twitter account, twitter is ok, but rarely ‘tweet’; I don’t always understand all the slang (and I can’t find a cheat sheet) and some folks I tried to follow (whom I didn’t know know) tweeted too much about stuff that was of very little interest to me (every half hour of EVERYDAY!). I want to tweet with “normal” folks, about normal “chickish” stuff (@tori7870 did you all hear about the new mascara/brow coloring by Covergirl? Or @tori7870 I tried the most awesomeist meat loaf and it was only 4pts a serving!).

  • I wish I could overcome my “reality tv” obsession….most of those shows are like “watching a train wreck” or “being a looky loo” and have no real positive impact on my life (unless you consider the fact that after viewing some of those shows I feel “normal” or reassured that my life really doesn’t suck that bad.

  • I am continually amazed/in awe of the changes that naturally happen in my life. From the improvements in the puppy’s behavior to the excitement in my hubs voice when sharing something new to me to my personal growth as a woman, daughter, wife, co-worker, friend.

  • I really LOVE my job; I LOVE my co-workers; still wish that I could work from home! #somefolksareneverhappy





  1. I tend to tweet a lot in conversation, but mostly all of my tweets are retweets or responses to other tweets.. lol.. and the #(hash tags), I just make crap up.. :)

  2. Don't get the Twitter thing...I may be too old for this!! LOL!

    Keep focused on your health & fitness plan!!