Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's fuming or foaming at the mouth: your choice

Ok...let me first forewarn you that I've had WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE. I feel like I'm in over drive and doing things at an incredibly fast pace. Of course it's also year end for me at work and everything needs to be done now now now now (and now). #vaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrroooooooooommm

2ndly, I am not selfish. Taking time for me, taking time to address my needs, putting my health and well-being first is not being selfish. It’s called self-perseverance. It is now a necessity and if someone doesn’t like it’s their problem. Others don’t have to answer to me and I will no longer feel the need to defend my decisions to those that don't like them. #kissmyazz

3rdly, after listening to the "Daily Boost" on my ipod touch (a free podcast off of itunes but I also think you can go to for free audio casts) I realize that I AM the most powerful person I know. I decide how i will respond to each and every situation. Yes I know, I sometimes react rather than respond but that's because I gave myself permission to do so. I decide when, what, where, how etc etc on many things in my life. Yes, i know, there are some things beyond my CONTROLBUT that doesn't mean I can't be the one to decide how I respond (or react) to said item beyond my control. #ohyesIsaidthat

4thly, I have a confession...I've been on a TOTAL sugar binge for at least the last 4 weeks. I'm amazed that I've lost ANY weight.  I've had DOZENS of donuts and AT LEAST 3 bags of muddy buddies. At first I blamed the new boss who is about as Type A as I am. However, see "3rdly" above. I made those choices. Thankfully not all of my food choices have been bad.  #allaboutaccountibility
and finally, TGIF. #enoughsaid


  1. TGIF, for sure!!

    I think you need something to train for. That always gets my head out of my ass (not that yours is in yours) and more focused and making good choices for myself. And that #2 has been a little sticky in my house lately.

  2. They make those now...omg. I hate new grocery munchies. Evil tempters they be!

  3. i'm immune to muddy buddies, i HATE powdered sugar! LMAO of course biscuits are my kriptonite! lolol