Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ten Things Thursdays

1. A really good friend is coming to town this weekend and the hubs will be gone (most of the weekend). Finally a REAL girls night that doesn’t just mean that I’m staying up late with the dog to watch chick shows! This weekend has been planned for quite some time…and of course over labor day weekend I find out that the niece (my husbands niece) is having a birthday party. The MIL was not pleased when I mentioned I couldn’t attend because I was having company. F’her ya know. I’m tired of making plans and THEN having to alter the plans because of someone else. The MIL mentioned me bringing my friend but WTF-is that PC (politically correct)? I mean it’s the nieces party, hosted by the nieces mother NOT hosted by the MIL. Why does she get to decide who goes to the party and why do I have to go? None of them could really give a shit (pardon the french) what I do any other day of the year (including holidays and MY BIRTHDAY) #iknow-actlikeagrownup

2. The pug pup is doing wonderfully (knock on wood). Still must squirt the little shit now and then with water to “chill him out” but he’s such a doll (and a total morning dog). And FB is getting more and more comfy with him and isn’t afraid to fight back (lil pup is up to 10 lbs now-yahoo). Many times a day it seems like pugtona at our house as the pups run after each other single file round the living room furniture and kitchen table. #very cute.

3. I love how the guest room turned out. I love the colors; I love the bedding; and I even love the curtains that are acting as closet doors. It will be a nice hiding place for me to read or nap or whatever (as well as a nice place for visitors). It’s really serene and comfy cozy. Matter of fact I love it so much that I plan on sprucing up the bathroom, living room, and sun room with a dab or two of new paint and accessories.

4. I’m so very excited that it’s fall. I heart (mostly) fall….I love the cooler weather; the changing of the colors; sweaters, jeans, and hoodies; and cooking. Really LOVE cooking. What I don’t always like is the allergins that are in the air…but it’s a small price to pay right!? I mean really, so many pros very little cons to fall. I don’t even mind that if it’s fall time, snow is soon to follow. LOL of course once it dips below freezing for several day I’m beggin and cryin for sun and heat!

5. With fall comes my desire, urge, need to be outside walking/jogging. I’m very thankful that the puppy is “maturing” because then on the weekends I don’t feel guilty not being near him Thank heavens for naps.

6. I’m not fond of new bosses…especially ones that come straight in and right off the bat change things. They don’t bother to look at how things have been done (and worked for years); don’t look at the fact that we are the NUMBER ONE office in our district (and it’s because of how we do things); they just come in and change things because it’s how they did it in their last group. It must be a power trip or something…just like a dog peeing on the mailbox. Marking his/her territory. Or it’s like the new dog smells the old dogs pee and thinks “He didn’t do it right, this is how you pee on the mailbox, squirt.” #irritating

7. I’m keeping my current car (05 PT Cruiser) until it either crokes (and costs more than it’s worth to fix) or some else totals it. Period. I don’t care how much I want a mini van (yes-I’d love a mini van). There are just too many rude, inconsiderate aholes dinging my current car that it isn’t worth spending good hard earned money on a new ride for others to abuse and me to cry over.

8. Although I love my current job, I’ve been daydreaming of a different job. I do have a Master’s degree after all and it isn’t going to pay for itself. However, with the current status of the economy and the fact that I have a pretty good paying “office assistant” job (that is making the payments) it’s hard to fathom leaving my current gig.

9. I am working on being entirely debt free by 2020. I may not have much in savings (if any) but I WILL HAVE our house, my student loans, and miscellanous credit cards paid off. I’m tired of limiting my horizon. I’m tired of being at the mercy of the “almighty dollar” and making sure Peter pays Paul and Paul pays Peter. I’m confident that I can do this, I’ve already started making changes to my budget, IT WILL GET DONE.

10. I’m glad that I am who I am. There’s no one else I’d rather be. There’s not point in time I’d go back to to “change” something. I’m not perfect but I sure am having a really nice time trying to be a better person…someone mom would be proud of!


  1. Good for you on the debt free. I'm definitely paying for some of my not so wise choices right now with this whole car thing. And the stupid thing is that it was never any big huge spending things, just living slightly above our means for too long plus some really expensive dental work for my husband...and suddenly we have NO money.

    I'm totally with you on keeping the old car. Mine is more because I love having no car payment, but still.

    And what a great feeling to have gotten that bedroom done and then love it. It's amazing what a big difference a few relatively small things can make. :)

  2. I totally get the "not so wise choices" and leaving just past my means..that's me...and nothing to show for it (at least in regards to the credit cards).

    and for a while keeping the car was about not having a car payment..then I started noticing all the dings...figured since people were so rude that there was no need for a new car until we have private parking at work!

  3. great post sounds like you have a plan and it's a good one. as for the party do NOT go, why should you change your plans have a GREAT time with your friend! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. I go thru the same 'make plans/change plans' thing with my Dad's side of the family. We have 'set' weekends where we go to the lake or go to my mom's every year. They never change. And every year, my dad and stepmom give me a huge guilt trip for not spending those weekends with them. UGH! I seriously hate people like that. Grrr.