Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So far so good...Great way to start the week!!

Have a told you lately how happy I am that I started this journey!! Have I told you lately how amazing I feel emotionally? Well, I am happy and feel amazing...even though it's allergy season LOL (laughing out loud)!

I worked very hard all weekend outside; at my house and at the front enterance to our subdivision. I pulled weeds, mowed the lawn, trimmed bushes, collected all the clippings and leaves. There was a lot of bending over (toe touches), squats (to pick things up), and I"m sure you get the picture. I burned a lot of calories (IMO) and it was very theraputic...turned my frown upside down if ya know what I mean!

On Monday I got into work and found that I had finally gotten a gym locker!! WAy cool!! I can store all of my gym stuff at work aleviating (sp?) me 'forgetting' a change of clothes. Also after getting to work I found out that I had won my very own Inperspire Towel "I Run Because I Can"! Thanks Jaime at http://runningdivamom.blogspot.com and Inperspire; I really appreciate it; somedays motivation is hard to come by. Jaime has a fabulous blog if your looking for a great read with lots of inspiration.

Last night as I chased lil man (my pug) around the back yard I slipped and sprained my foot. it isn't bad but kept me from running. Thankfully I am still able to walk and have gotten in 3 miles today.

Today at work was another wonderful day...besides being incredibly busy, I rec'd my finish photo from the 1/2 marathon. Boy do I look HOT...hee and in more ways than one! I'm thinking of blowing it up (my side anyhow) because I feel it will be great motivation for the days that I feel like I just can't do it. Such great form from what I can tell.

Sherrie is on the left (in the grey shirt) and I am on the right (purple shirt). We both look incredible and felt incredible when we were done. I hope to carry that "feeling" for as long as I can and then some.

Before closing; I'd like to thank all of you...those who just read; those who are nice enough to leave a comment; those who share their journeys on their blogs. It's people like you that keep people like me on target. It's people like you who help teach me the ins and outs of changing my lifestyle for the good, the ins/outs of learning to run, and learning that through lifes downs there is always an up.

Tomorrow promises to be another great day. After my gang takes me to lunch for being such a great assistant (little do they know that my greatness comes from their greatness-they are such an amazing team), I'm going to a place called Fleet Feet for a new pair of running shoes. A gal from work gave me some of her reward dollars ($45 worth) to help off set the cost and they (Fleet Feet) will help me determine which shoes are best for my feet and for what I plan on doing with them. My current shoes (Avia's) are great for short running distances and medium walks (6 miles or less) but not for 13.1 marathons. And I love 1/2 marathons and plan on making them my new hobby!

Have a great great week everyone and I look forward to reading your all of your blogs later this week.


  1. Congratulations on your first half! I begin training in May for mine and you're definitely an inspiration. :)

  2. Tori, except for the sprained foot, you've had a great week! Love that Fredbird! That face totally makes me COL (chuckle out loud).

    Congrats on the locker, the towel, the photo finish, the lunch, and new shoes. Too fun!

  3. I love workouts that don't really feel like workouts...those are the best ones! I'm sorry you sprained your ankle, but I'm glad that you are not letting that get in your way!