Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ok. hmmm...not really sure where to start.

Well, the air conditioning went out on my already paid off car. It actually went out about a week before I consolidated all my loans but for whatever reason it didn't phase me. Until it came time to repair it (the over 100 degree days did me in).  The car cost us $2000 to fix. I also had to rent a car for the week so that I could get to from work (useful for someone needing to pay such a large bill).  I was already "planning" on keeping the car for another 3yrs. Now there is no if's and's or buts. 3 years longer; no sooner...4 years if I'm really fortunate! :O)

Last week, during a poor attempt to jog, I pulled something in my foot. It hurts. REALLY bad (this coming from a woman with 4 tattoos). I made an appointment today with the foot doctor. For August 1st 3 pm. Yeah, not sure I can handle the pain for that long.  Someone at work indicated that it might have something to do with planters fasciitis (which I've suspected I might have) and to get insoles for my shoes. They cost 50 bucks. Thankfully they are supposed to be reimbursable from my flexible spending account through work. As long as they are my budget won't take another hit on something not really planned.

Speaking of FSAs (flexible spending accounts which is money taken out of an employees pay check prior taxes for future health related expenditures) they will allow you to use your pre taxed funds for weight loss procedures but not for weight loss programs. I have NOTHING against gastric bypass surgery-it's a useful tool. However I don't understand why my funds can't go towards gym memberships or weight watchers .  Can anyone explain this to me?

Oh and budget. I've closed the now paid off accounts. And although I'm way over my monthly allotment this month thanks to the car (my er fund is depleted) I notice that I'm not making frivolous purchasesand I'm thinking twice about "buying off the cuff" (I'm asking myself "do you REALLY need this or are you buying it to fill a void?"). I did purchase a 99 cent app (cashtrak) for my iphone to help keep track of my purchases.  I can even take a photo of the receipts and download/email the purchases into a excel sheet to my email. Very cool. Anywho, I'm really confident I will be able to make it through the consolidation without starving AND put a lil something extra into the bank. :O) Debt free in three here I come!! woot woot...

Now if I could get back on track with eating healthy AND exercise!!


  1. you know what to do so mayhaps just do it! you're EXTREMELY intelligent and determined so it's a no brainer. you're in a place you love, you're surrounded by friends and family so that should help. do you have access to a pool, water work might be just the thing while the foot is ouchy. does bicycling bother it? also yoga is non-impact and a great workout. good luck sweetie sendin prayers for a quick heal on the foot!

  2. I hear you on the gym memberships!