Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Well here we are, another year gone.  For some, only a few questions remain; for me at the top of the list is-where did the time go?  For many the end of the year encourages them to reflect on the past; Did I reach my goals? What are my regrets? Could I have done better? What do I plan for the next year? I'll be honest, I didn't have any personal goals for 2014 other than to survive.  End of 2013 and all 2014 was filled with family illness, death, sorrow, depression, and faith. Blind faith. Faith that God knows what he is doing and that things would turn out as he intended. And I imagine "things" have turned out as he intended.  While much of 2014 leaves a bad taste in mouth, I did survive.  And I am now ready to move forward with my chin up and should back.

I have no real regrets about how I handled last year. Could I have done things "better"? Sure, who couldn't have! But sometimes you just gotta suck it up and move on. Besides, I got to see my father face lite up seeing me his last Christmas Eve (2013) with us, I got to help celebrate his last birthday at his favorite stomping ground, and that is worth more than words could ever express.

While there are no promises of a grief free 2015 I can promise myself to continue to do the very best I can as a woman, wife, sister, friend, daughter, family member, citizen, co-worker; to be more patient, more focused on the now, more understanding of the differences and less type-A. For 2015, I can also make a promise to MYSELF that I am worth the positive effort to be healthier and happier. 


  1. Happy New Year my friend! I hope it's the best one yet!

  2. All you can do is your best. That is a good promise.