Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And life goes on...

It's been quite a few weeks since my last post-such a slacker! Of course this is becoming a recur type thing as my time management skills have gone by the weigh side. But I'm confident I will get some kind of routine down. I must if I want to be ready for Philly in November. The past week has been quite insane. My father had Been dealing with the hiccups for over two weeks. For whatever reason they did a cat scan when the first medication didn't work. The scan showed an abnormality and long story short some misinformation may have been passed and needless worry caused. By the time I got to my folks house (3 hrs away) my father had both feet in the grave(which is a whole other post), sure he only had hours to live wondering why God didn't like him. What kind of health care person tells their patient that they have cancer, it's in their lungs and has passed to the liver and gone to the brain without further tests? It was a very sad situation that we have yet to get a definite answer too. Formal results won't be in until Tuesday (a biopsy was done yesterday morning) and I'm now (this very second) getting nervous because I didn't give my step mom a call. Sadly I've been down this road before (the cancer road) and have an idea of what to expect. Chances are (per dr not nurse practitioner) it is cancer but there are several levels of cancer-many of which are curable. I'm not looking forward to this-no one is and who in their right mind would? I really don't 'get it' (the whole picture, death-omg moments-admitting wrong actions-asking for forgiveness-promising to be a better person-yada yada) but its not me-I think of death all the time (morbid-no-death is reality and I'd like to live with no regrets and as little guilt as possible). Whatever is to be I can accept. I just pray that if it is cancer that he doesn't suffer like my mom did. No one desires that. I believe there are 170 days until Philly. Training has been slow but I'm confident that I will pr. The time to beat is 2 hrs and 55 mins. I have a 10 k on the 8th that will be the official starting point and will give me an idea where I am physically. Emotionally I'm ready for training and for the challenge. Mentally I'm a lil behind BUT I'm not afraid.

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