Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bye Bye spare tired...

putting the big pants on...literally. Went to the goodwill store this weekend for more pants (bigger). It's amazing how quickly the weight has come back on. This time two years ago I was 218 lbs.  Today I am 196. All because I stopped holding myself accountable.

Had lunch with one of my besties (Sherrie). It was a GREAT visit and uplifting as hell.  We were talking how at our age (early/mid 40's) it's so hard to lose weight. We look at food and put on 5 lbs whereas our friend who is mid 30's loses it finger snap quick just by drinking one less beer at night. And we talked how the only thing that really helped, that really helped us focus, was Weight Watchers.

So I signed up for Weight Watchers. Again. And I'm going to use their tools. Again. And maybe this time I can REALLY make it a life style change. Not just a way to lose weight.


  1. Stinks that the weight's back, but you know how to get rid of it. And I've been having the same kind of conversations with myself. Sigh. Good luck!!

  2. at least you didnt gain it all back and you;re doin something about it, just stick to the plan and i KNOW you'll be successful!

  3. I know the pain of keeping weight off...and I'm terrible at it. Glad to hear that you'r re-dedicating. Always inspiring to see :)